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  • Genuine Parts
    • Engine Oil
    • Oil Filter
    • Drive Belts
    • Engine Coolant
    • Air Filter
    • AT Fluid (Automatic transmission oil)
    • Spark Plug
    • Brake Pad
    • Brake Fluid
    • In-Cabin Micro Filter
    • Wiper Blade

Nissan Genuine Service Replacement Parts

Warnings: How to distinguish each sympton level
  1. Lv.1 - Serviceable Level
    • Inspect at regular intervals
    • Check against – lube sticker / next service indicator (where fitted)
    • Clear or translucent golden yellow in appearance
    • Free from contamination
    • Maintains optimal engine performance & long term durability
  2. Lv.2 - Worn Condition
    • Unusual increase or decrease in quantity
    • Dark or cloudy in appearance
    • Increased viscosity
    • Reduced engine fuel economy
    • Unstable engine idle
    • Lubrication effectiveness reduced
  3. Lv.3 - Replacement Required
    • At specified intervals as outlined in the Customer Information & Maintenance Booklet
    • Oil is dark or cloudy in appearance
    • Sludge build up around Oil Filler Cap
    • Reduced fuel economy
    • Oil pressure light slow to turn off
    • Abnormal engine noise
    • Abnormal engine operating temperature
    • Poor lubrication of vital engine components

    !Hint: Always use the correct grade and quantity of engine oil as specified in the Owners Manual. With an appointment, your Nissan dealer can arrange to replace the engine oil and oil filter with Nissan Genuine Replacement parts in around
    1 hour*.

    *Excludes some private import vehicles. Not all models stocked - Special order maybe required on some replacement parts.

About Engine Oil

  • Function of Engine Oil

    Mechanism of the Engine Oil
  • What happens if continuously used?

WARNING. When performing any checks or maintenance work, closely observe the Maintenance precautions in the Maintenance and do-it-yourself section of your Owners Manual. If in doubt about any checks, have it done by a NISSAN dealer.

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